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Duration: 2 hours
Maximum number of people: 30

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Description of Charles Bridge Tour with Prague Venice Boat Trip and Museum

Stories of the Bridge

The Charles bridge from the 14th century can speak. Just listen. Each statue has a story to tell you.

Walk & boat & museum in 2 hours

From our office in Mostecka 4 you walk across the once called Stone bridge while our guide tells you historical and mystical facts bout the magnificent building. The walk takes around 1 hour. Boat tour afterwards (cca 45 minutes) brings you to Čertovka, the “little Venice of Prague”, and gives you a new perspective of the bridge from the river level. Visit the Museum of the Charles bridge at the end if you want. You get an entrance ticket for free.

A bridge to history and mystery

Imagine middle ages in Prague – Charles 4th is a Czech king and also the leader of Europe. Prague is flourishing and desperately needs to connect both river banks with a new bridge. To be sure that this one will survive even the worst flood, there were several things Charles 4th did to ensure that. Laying the foundation stone was an act, where history meets mystery. And does it really work? Get to know more on our tour and decide for yourself.

Saint John patrons Czechs and bridges

Charles bridge is a pearl of gothic architecture and baroque sculptoring. The oldest statue tells you a story of John of Nepomuk. Never heard of him? Never mind. He is for more than 700 years dead anyway. Was he killed because he protected a confession secret, or it was a political business? His dead body was thrown from the bridge to Vltava river. What happened next? How come that he became one of the most important Czech saints?

Students are the engine of history

In 1648 Prague was occupied by Swedes. They robbed what was possible in the Prague castle and the palaces of Mala Strana. Eager to enter the Old town, they marched across the only bridge in Prague. Oops! Gate was closed and army of students of the Charles university was there ready to defend the town. And guess who won!

Charles bridge is more than a good looking background for selfies. Join our tour and appreciate the fusion of old and new, real and mystical, good and bad. As bridge is always the connection.